We frequently spot a particular pin floating around the wonderful world of Pinterest so we thought we would take the opportunity to answer all those questions on our blog for you.  So here they are, our 20 questions to ask your wedding photographer and our answers.

20 questions to ask your wedding photographer and our answers.

How would you describe your style of photography?

Our photography is natural and relaxed and primarily documentary.  Documentary, or reportage as it can also be called, means we photograph what is happening in front of us, whether it’s that nervous puff of the cheeks by the groom just seconds before his bride walks up the aisle, a huge belly laugh during the best man’s speech or that excited flower girl twirling on the dance floor in her ever-so-special dress.  We are always ready as well as discreet and try as much as possible to remain unnoticed to capture those candid moments that come together to tell the story of your big day.  We have lots of examples on our website.

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Do you work with a second photographer?

Eyeshine Photography is a partnership.  If you choose Eyeshine Photography you are booking both Laura & Dan to be your photographers.  We work as a team and being a couple ourselves for very nearly 21 years now (eeeek!) we know each other pretty well!

I (Laura) spend the morning with the bride, her bridesmaids and her family getting to know everyone.  I am there to photograph all the excitement and anxiety that unfolds on the morning of your wedding day and all the bridal preparations that take place.  Although I am there to document your preparations, I am happy to help out if I can.  In the past I have been asked for advice on which pair of earrings to wear and I have helped put together an extra bouquet of flowers for a flower girl which had been forgotten by the florist (oops).   I am also happy to stash that essential lipstick in my camera bag too!

Dan meets the groom, his best man and ushers in the morning. Whether that’s getting ready at home or a hotel or calming the nerves in the pub, it’s your choice.  Dan always ensures he is there with plenty of time before the ceremony and is happy to offer tips and hints on how to tie that tie! He is also happy to help with the great wedding-day mystery of how to attach the button-hole flowers!

The ceremony is a key moment of the day where having two photographers is virtually essential.  We always remain in position and do not move throughout the ceremony.  All churches and venues have their own rules for this part of the day, but Dan is usually in place at the front of the church or venue and I (Laura) stay at the back.  This allows us to capture the ceremony from two perspectives without causing any distraction.

20 questions to ask your wedding photographer Essex wedding photographer photography

Have you got any photography qualifications?

We met whilst studying photography at Salisbury Art College and we both gained photography degrees, officially called BA (Hons) Professional Communications.

How long have you been shooting weddings?

We have both been working professional photographers since we graduated in the late nineties.  Our background is in press photography working at both local and national newspaper titles.  We started photographing weddings in 2002 and in 2008 we started Eyeshine Photography running it alongside our press work.  Now Laura has stepped away from press photography focussing on weddings and portraiture and runs Eyeshine Photography full time.

What equipment do you use?

We have an extensive range of camera equipment, using professional level Canon and Fujifilm cameras. We both work with multiple camera bodies and a selection of professional lenses.  By working this way we know that we have back-up equipment should anything malfunction.

What happens if you are ill on your wedding day?

This has not happened as yet (cross fingers, touch wood!), but do not worry as we do have cover in place.  Being working photographers for nearly 20 years we know A LOT of photographers.  We are friendly with several working wedding photographers in the local area and have an agreement between us all to provide cover in an emergency.

How many photographs do you take on the day?

This really does vary, as each and every wedding is different.  Having two photographers shooting all day from morning preparations right through to dancing in the evening means we take a lot of pictures.  We then go through an editing process where we prioritise quality over quantity – nobody wants to see a picture of themselves blinking!  We then process each final image individually to create the best results, there is no automated batch-processing.  On average we present our couples with 300-600 edited photographs that have been through our post-production process.  Like we say every wedding is different so the total number of edited images does vary for each couple.

Do you take group photographs?

We are story-telling photographers who love to document weddings as they happen.  At the same time we understand that there is a need for group photographs and we are more than happy to do these.

We always ask a couple to compile a list of posed group shots prior to the wedding.  Our photography is a collaborative process and we take time to discuss this list with you before the big day.  We can offer advice on how long you will need to schedule for these photographs.  It is always useful if the list has the names of the people so we can organise the groups as quickly and efficiently as possible. The guests are then able to socialise and not feel it’s just a big photo shoot.  We generally suggest 8 – 10 groups as an ideal amount.

It is however your big day so if the group photographs are important to you both we are happy to do more.

20 questions to ask your wedding photographer Essex wedding photographer photography group groups

Can we ask for pictures on the day?

On the day we actively encourage couples to ask if they want particular shots and we are more than happy for guests and the married couple alike to tap one of us on the shoulder to request a picture.

How long into the evening do you stay?

If you choose our top diamond package we are booked up to your first dance.  However we always stay longer than just the first dance as that’s often when we get great pictures of people really letting their hair down!  Capturing those crazy moves on the dance floor is all part of our storytelling.

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How long does it take until we can view our wedding images?

It can take up to 4 weeks before we have processed a wedding.  We frequently have the finished images uploaded onto your personal password-protected gallery after 2 weeks.  However during particularly busy periods it may take a little longer.  We also never share your wedding images on any social media platform until you have both viewed them first.  They are your photographs and we like you to see them before anyone else!

Do we get a copy of all the pictures?

Once you have viewed the online gallery we send you your own USB stick of all the images in the gallery, copyright-free for personal use.  This enables you to have prints and canvasses made. The wooden USB stick is presented in a wooden box alongside several handpicked fine-art prints.  A special keepsake from us!

Do we get an album?

If you book our Emerald or Diamond package we offer a selection of bespoke albums by a company called Jorgensen.   These are beautifully printed and hand-bound with both contemporary linen covers and also traditional black and white covers.  Again, producing your album is a collaborative process.  We ask you to choose approximately 80 of your favourite images from which we will design a layout unique to you.  A digital copy of the design is then sent to you so that you can approve it.  We always allow a couple to change this design as many times as they wish.  We want you to be 100% happy with your final wedding album.

Do you do engagement shoots?

At Eyeshine Photography we carry out pre-wedding shoots. We arrange pre-wedding shoots to take place at your wedding venue.  Whether we have shot at the venue before or not we think it works really well for couples to experience a pre-wedding shoot at the actual venue.  We run through poses with you both and discuss where certain shots can be taken.  It also gives you an opportunity to suggest ideas too.

We try to plan the visit at a similar time to the actual wedding.  This is so we can see how the setting will be on the day; trees, shrubs and flowers will be looking similar to the actual wedding day.  There could be a beautiful tree covered in spring blossom or a climbing rose in full bloom.

20 questions to ask your wedding photographer Essex wedding photographer photography engagement shoot

Are you insured?

Yes we are fully insured, including public liability insurance.

Do you shoot in colour and black & white?

All our cameras are digital so the original files are all colour images.  However we are both big fans of black and white photography too. We have spent a lot of time and effort working on post production techniques to achieve a black and white image that has the same look and atmosphere as a traditional black and white photograph taken on an old roll of film.  In the final edit we offer a mix of both colour and black and white pictures.

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Can you airbrush/Photoshop me?

We are primarily documentary story-tellers and as such we try to get every image correct ‘in-camera’. We do use professional editing software, including Photoshop, but would never describe this as airbrushing and we very rarely use it to alter a person’s image (occasionally we will use it to remove a small blemish, but nothing else).

How will you be dressed on the day?

We both dress smart and wear clothes as if we were guests at a wedding.  Dan wears a dark suit and black shirt and I (Laura) usually wear a dress in a darker shade so we do not stand out.

Do you need a deposit and when we do you need final payment?

We ask for a £300 deposit to secure your date.  Final payment is due one month prior to your wedding day.

We like your work, what next?

We always suggest a meeting before you make a final decision.  One of the most important things when booking your wedding photographer(s) is to find out if we all get on.  If you meet us and feel comfortable and relaxed in our company and have a bit of a giggle with us too, the chances are we will get along with all your family and friends too.  We are all too aware that as your wedding photographers we will spend the majority of the day with you both on one of the biggest days of your life so it’s our priority to blend in and fit in with everyone.   In the hope of not sounding too cheesy, all so often, as we pack away all our camera equipment at the end of an evening and we say our final goodbyes to a married couple, we leave feeling like friends.

To arrange a meeting please get in touch with Laura & Dan at info@eyeshineweddingphotography.co.uk