We absolutely love the wedding photo albums we offer our couples.

A wedding photo album is that one lasting momento from your big day that you can go back to, time and time again.

Of all the investments you make on your wedding day it’s the photography that lasts longest.  Once the food has been eaten, the flowers have wilted and the dress has been packed up probably hidden away in a dark dusty loft. It’s the wedding album that can be kept at hand on a shelf for you to flick through at anytime and will doubtlessly bring back all those wedding day memories.

Once digital files were on disc, now on a USB stick and who knows where technology will take photography next.  However a wedding photo album remains timeless.  It’s there for family generations to come, to look back on with fond memories.

I cherish the photo album of my parents wedding that took place in 1970. The photography styles and techniques have changed massively.  Yet holding that album in my hands, leafing through the pages (including those classic seventies tissue paper page inserts!) is so timeless and evocative.   There is just something about the quality of a photo album that can’t be beaten.

We spent a long long time researching wedding albums.  We believe we have finally found a wedding photo album that is both contemporary and timeless and truly beautiful.  They are hand crafted and produced to a very high standard offering lots of creative styles and looks.

As well as the look and feel of the album it was also important for us to offer an album that was produced here in the UK.   There are lots of popular wedding photo album manufacturers who are based in all corners of the globe.  We were conscious of our carbon footprint.  We wanted to offer our couples something more environmentally friendly.  Together we spent lots of time and effort searching out a UK supplier who could produce a world-beating book worthy of our couples’ photographs.  Finally, we are pleased to say these new albums come from Barnsley (not quite round the corner, but a whole lot closer than some). Hurrah, no container ships or planes involved.

Being photographers I guess we are probably a little on the biased side.  But we think it’s important to remember that despite the technological age we now live in, surrounded by digital images everywhere online, on our phones etc., it’s in the family home where those physical photographs of all those cherished special moments can be found.   Framed photographs are still proudly displayed  on walls and on shelves and it’s those special wedding photo albums that you will go back to time and time again.

Below are some images of our albums we offer our couples.

Our large 12″x12″ album with a natural contemporary leather cover in vintage brown called ‘saddle.’


essex wedding photographer album close up detail of wedding photo album

We love these album boxes too.


Our smaller 8″x8″ album in a beautiful white/ pale grey contemporary leather called Mist.


folio album wedding photographer

embossed cover wedding photo album

These Fine Art books are hand crafted by Folio Albums.

They offer 18 different coloured leathers and 8 different cotton covers.

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